Flat White vs. Latte

There is a vast and varied coffee world. The flat white and the latte are two of the most well-known and easily recognizable coffee beverages. Despite sharing an espresso foundation, there are several key ways in which the two beverages are distinct.

Flat white, what is it?

In Australia and New Zealand, the flat white—a coffee beverage made with a single or double shot of espresso and microfoam—steamed milk with tiny, fine bubbles and a glossy or velvety smoothness—was first created. To maintain a consistent temperature, a smaller ceramic cup, usually 160 ml, is used to serve it. Compared to other espresso-based beverages, the coffee flavor in a flat white is more robust due to the milk-to-coffee ratio of around 1:2.

A latte, what is it?

Another well-liked espresso-based drink is the latte, an abbreviation for the Italian “caffè latte,” meaning “milk coffee.” It comprises one or two shots of espresso, steamed milk, and a bit of foam. Lattes are generally served in giant glasses (240 ml to 300 ml) with a coffee-to-milk ratio of roughly 1:3 to 1:5. This provides a creamier drink with a more subtle coffee taste.

The Differences

 The primary distinctions between a flat white and a latte are the milk-to-coffee ratio, the type of milk used, and how they are served.

  • Milk-to-Coffee Ratio: A flat white includes more coffee than milk, resulting in a stronger taste. On the other hand, a latte has more milk, making it creamier and less potent in coffee taste
  • Milk Type: The flat white incorporates microfoam, steamed milk with tiny bubbles for a velvety texture. A latte is produced with steamed milk, with slightly larger bubbles and a foam layer.
  • Serving Method: Flat whites are typically served in tiny ceramic cups to keep warmth, whereas lattes are served in larger glasses.

The Origins: Flat White

Flat whites originally debuted in Australia and New Zealand in the 1980s. These nations’ coffee traditions are robust and imaginative, creating this particular beverage. The flat white was intended to showcase the espresso shot, with the milk as a compliment rather than the main element.


On the other hand, the latter originates in Italy, where coffee has been a part of life for generations. The term “caffè latte” literally means “milk coffee.” In Italy, this drink is generally drunk in significant quantities during breakfast.

The Art of Preparation: Flat White

A decent espresso shot is the first step in crafting a flat white. The espresso should have a rich crema that adds to the overall flavor of the drink. Steaming the milk makes a velvety and smooth microfoam. The microfoam is softly poured over the espresso, creating a drink with balanced flavors from the milk and espresso.


In comparison, a latte begins with the same high-quality espresso shot, but the milk is cooked differently. The objective is to add a bit more foam, which gives the latte its unique frothy top. The milk is then poured over the espresso, giving a tiered effect. The result is a creamier drink with a more fantastic milk taste.

The Experience

Flat White

You first notice the robust espresso taste when you sip a flat white. The microfoam provides the coffee with a velvety texture that unites the natural flavors. The smaller serving size also guarantees that the drink stays hotter for longer, giving you a pleasant, calming feeling from the first sip to the last


A latte delivers a particular feeling. The first thing you’ll notice is the drink’s smoothness due to the increased amount of milk. The espresso lends a light taste to the background, making it appropriate for folks who favor a smoother coffee drink. The greater serving size also permits latte art, which is a beautiful design generated in the foam on top of the drink.


Whether you enjoy the robust, espresso-forward flavor of a flat white or the creamy, mild flavor of a latte, there’s no question that both have earned their status among the finest coffee beverages. They each give a different experience and cater to various taste preferences, improving and diversifying the coffee market. Enjoy exploring these excellent beverages!

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